Torpedo Boyz – Return Of The Auslanders

Torpedo Boyz - Return Of The AuslandersArtist: Torpedo Boyz
Album: Return Of The Auslanders
Label: Lounge Records
Release date: May 25, 2010
Genre: Break Beat, Power Pop, Dance
Format: mp3, CBR 320kbps

The new record once again defies expectations, bringing in new sounds – like Returner’s Krautrock influenced “Maschinenwelt” and Daisuke’s exposing “Ich bin Auslander” (“I’m a Foreigner”). Davey Woodward from the Experimental Pop Band turns up on “That Is So Beautiful.” The tune “Your Input Is Not Correct!” includes a sample of a Moscow hotel’s automated wake-up call system recorded while out on tour; In “Fat Man’s Walk” Returner celebrates a liberating rejoinder to Randy Newman’s “Short People.” Sure, the Torpedo Boyz will always throw down plenty of danceable break beats, but their irrepressible sense of fun means you’ll also hear totally unexpected sounds – a nod to Kentastic’s indie pop background here, the jarring cut n’ paste mania of “Kokoro Ni Rock’n’Roll” there. In short, the new album is anything but a half-assed return to the well.
It’s an upbeat, breaktastic record ready to get the party started on your block – whether your block is in Brooklyn, Bristol, or Beijing.

1. Don’t Drop The Funky Beat! (0:48)
2. Fat Man’s Walk (4:36)
3. Welcome To The Sugar Show (4:40)
4. Ich Bin Auslander (Leider Zum Gluck) (4:30)
5. Back To The Beatz! (5:50)
6. Silly On The Beach (4:46)
7. Your Input Was Not Correct! (4:41)
8. Kokoro Ni Rock’n’Roll (4:20)
9. That Is So Beautiful (4:35)
10. Maschinenwelt (5:14)

Download: Torpedo Boyz – Return Of The Auslanders (2010)

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