The Apples – Attention!

coverArtist: The Apples
Album: Attention!
Release Date: October 1, 2005
Label: Audio Montage Entertainment
Genre: Funky Breaks, Acid Jazz, Cut-up/DJ
Format: mp3, Quality: 320 kbps

Catch the nine wizards conjuring up a menacing flash-storm of horn stabs, cuts n scratches, electronic effects and heavy heavy grooves.
Wether they’re tightning the bolts for a sharp unison hit or blowing the gate open for a deep improv stretch, the pure infectious joy The Apples radiate on stage causes immediate uncontrollable smilin’, shakin’ and sweatin’. Guaranteed.

1. Chemical Sniffer (4:54)
2. Attention! (3:34)
3. Bulgarians (5:09)
4. Elias (4:23)
5. Thirst (4:10)
6. Shakin’ (5:08)
7. Kidney Stone (5:35)
8. Natri Ba Makom (3:58)
9. Woo (6:39)
10. Killing (4:19)

Download: The Apples – Attention! (2005)

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