Skeewiff – Man Turns Animal!

skeewiff-2013Artist: Skeewiff
Album: Man Turns Animal!(For the Erotic Pleasures of Women… And Men)
Release Date: January 7, 2013
Label: Pedigree Cuts
Genre: Funky Breaks, Nu Jazz , Mod
Format: mp3, Quality: 320 kbps

Spy chase-obsessed breaks/loungecore mash-up merchants Skeewiff come firmly under the “veteran” category, having peddled their particular brand of funtime groovery since the tail end of the 1990s. Here, they drop their tenth album, and for the most part, it’s business as usual. Fans will surely lap-up Man Turns Animal’s cheeky blend of funk-fuelled breakbeat fun, tongue-in-cheek ’60s kitsch (“The Happy Whomp”), scratch-happy break digging (“Man Turns Animal”), party-hearty Latin fun (“No Puede Esparar”, “Moomba Mamba”), head-nodding soul (“Mr Debonair”) and downtempo curiosities (“Bull In A China Shop”). There’s also a sprinkling of bona fide floorfillers (“Heatwave”, “Sizzle Chest”) for those seeking instant gratification.

1. Panic Stations (feat Syd Dale) (3:36)
2. I Got Soul (4:23)
3. The Happy Whomp (feat Syd Dale) (3:51)
4. Man Turns Animal (3:28)
5. No Puede Esperar (4:08)
6. Bull In A China Shop (feat Steve Gray) (3:30)
7. Mr. Debonair (feat Vanessa Contenay) (3:07)
8. The Bells (3:13)
9. Moomba Mambo (feat Leader and Budtree) (2:34)
10. Heatwave (Don`t Stop) ( feat Vanessa Contenay) (3:17)
11. For A Few Beats More (2:48)
12. Sizzle Chest (2:50)
13. Jet Set Zoom Zoom (feat Syd Dale & Vanessa Contenay) (3:22)

Download: Skeewiff – Man Turns Animal (2013)

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