DJ Format – Statement of Intent

DJ_Format_Statement_Of_Intent_500Artist: DJ Format
Album: Statement of Intent
Released: 2012
Label: Project Blue Book
Genre: Funky Breaks, Hip-Hop, Cut-up/DJ
Quality: mp3, Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps

This is the third album from DJ Format and he’s put that experience to work, delivering a lean and balanced tracklist that still managed to feel like an expansive trip. The sheer sonic density of ideas and elements defines this album for me — there’s more going on in a single track here than most producers fit into an entire beat tape.Lyrically, the album is dominated by Sureshot La Rock, who is a vinyl fiend in his own right. His cadence is pure old school, simple but strong, and he’s got a natural feel for the minimalist approach that keeps it from sounding corny. Considering how diverse Statement Of Intent is, La Rock functions as a capable tour guide. He keeps even the most jazzed-out experiments grounded. He also shows up on almost half of the tracks here.Without question, his collaboration with Edan is the highlight of the album. Edan smash, Edan destroy, Edan rap good: this is not news to anyone in 2012. “Spaceship Earth” is a perfect track and since you’re cool, you’ve already heard it.The other guest artists all make strong contributions, and there’s an obvious level of respect for DJ Format at work. Nobody is dropping leftover verses here, and Mr. Lif is definitely trying to top Edan with his dark, feverish cut “Terror.” The big surprise of the album was the excellent guest musicians, including his friend Simon James (together, they’re known as The Simonsound) and the flawlessly funky Nostalgia 77 Quintet, who do serious justice to both of their guest appearances here.Overall, I would definitely recommend this to pretty much anyone who would be reading this. This is a headphone masterpiece, this is a perfect party album, and this is a great compilation of international hip hop, too. You want this. You do.

1. Statement Of Intent feat. Sureshot La Rock (3:17)
2. Spaceship Earth feat. Edan (3:00)
3. Copper Canyons (4:04)
4. Beyond Disco feat. The Simonsound (3:27)
5. A Quick Ego Trip feat. Sureshot La Rock (1:55)
6. Dope Pusher feat. Sureshot La Rock (3:33)
7. Battle Of The Planets feat. The Simonsound (3:32)
8. Terror feat. Mr. Lif (3:02)
9. Notes In Quotation feat. The Nostalgia 77 Quintet (4:13)
10. Live At The Place To Be feat. Phil Most Chill & Sureshot La Rock (4:10)
11. Horse Power (3:53)
12. Mayor Of A Ghost Town (4:31)
13. Remember… feat. Sureshot La Rock (3:37)
14. Mr. Dj feat. Sureshot La Rock (4:15)
15. The Long Goodbeye feat. The Nostalgia 77 Quintet (4:13)
16. Here Comes The Dope Pusher (Bonus CD Track) (4:04)

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