Fat Freddy`s Drop – Blackbird

Fat Freddys Drop - BlackbirdArtist: Fat Freddy`s Drop
Album: Blackbird
Label: The Drop
Release date: June 21, 2013
Genre: Dub, Nu Soul, Nu Jazz
Format: mp3, Quality: VBR V0

On the surface all the elements of what makes them so unique are present and utilised but they’ve managed to economise the ebb and flow of the new songs and create a sprawling yet finely tuned record. Opener Blackbird uses its near 10 minutes to blend funk inflected soul with a swinging dub bass line and reverb drenched horn section, sounding very similar to compatriots The Black Seeds and taking them closer to the dance floor than they have for a while. They also approach a pop format in the first official single Clean the House which captures a pulsing, vaguely Motown groove allowing the other instruments, in particular the guitar, to paint some wonderful melodic stabs and phrasings. Bones lightens the album considerably with its breezy Spearhead-ish vibe and feels comparatively inconsequential before the squelchy electronica of Soldier heads back to darker dub territory.
Blackbird is a defining example of rhythm-based musical cross pollination that sounds perfectly natural in the hands of Fat Freddy’s Drop; furthering their exploration of structure, nuance and sonic texture with glorious futuristic results.

1. Blackbird 9:27
2. Russia 5:31
3. Clean the House 4:14
4. Silver and Gold 6:10
5. Bones 7:31
6. Soldier 6:33
7. Never Moving 8:01
8. Mother Mother 8:59
9. Bohannon 7:20

Download: Fat Freddy`s Drop – Blackbird (2013)

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