New Cool Collective Big Band – Pachinko

coverArtist: New Cool Collective Big Band
Album: Pachinko
Released: 2010
Label: Dox Records
Genre: Jazz / Nu-Jazz / Latin
Format: mp3 Bitrate: VBR V0

New Cool Collective have been happily grooving on 15 years of fame thanks to their unique mix of jazz, dance, latin, salsa, afrobeat and boogaloo. They are always funky, energetic and danceable – no matter if they perform as a 19-piece Big Band or as a more compact 8-piece.
On the 2nd op April 2010, New Cool Collective released a new Big Band album, Pachinko. New Cool Collective made a highly influential trip to Japan in summer 2009. They sucked up impressions from everywhere: from the commercial and video jingles coming from their hotel room’s TV, to the wacky jackpot soundscapes emitting from the gaming halls of Tokyo’s entertainment district Roppongi. Now add to this mix some “punkjazz”, a more dominant rock sound, a 1980s feeling (or is it a 1990s one?) and some throbbing electro drive, and the results are both personal and intense.
In short, New Cool Collective Big Band’s PACHINKO is a strong and kinetic album that will leave music lovers stupefied. Musically it’s a masterpiece—albeit a schizophrenic one—coming from a group that stands apart from every other big band on the planet and who once again prove what amazing stuff you can up with as long as you are open to reinventing a genre.

01. Pachinko 04:19
02. Little Black Dress 03:59
03. Circus Circus 05:01
04. Bingo Bongo 05:43
05. Pasmo 04:59
06. We’re All Going Up 04:33
07. Heartland 03:54
08. Black Gardenia 05:13
09. Peace And Happiness 06:51
10. Sugar Rush 05:26
11. The Diabolical Dr. Z 03:56
12. Japanese Bonus 02:47

Download: New Cool Collective Big Band – Pachinko (2010)

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