Indigo Jam Unit – Rebel

indigo-jam-unit-rebelArtist: Indigo Jam Unit
Album: Rebel
Release Date: December 12, 2012
Label: Basis Records
Genre: Jazz: Nu Jazz, Cinematic
Format: mp3, Quality: 320 kbps

The opening bass riff and the thunderous drums of the opening track grab the attention immediately and get the adrenaline ready, inciting listeners to get up and dance, so it’s somewhat fitting that the title of this track (and album) is Rebel. After this agitated opening, the track settles down with some funky drums over which Yoshichika Tarue lays down some mean piano. The powerful bass line in unrelenting and Shimizu’s drumming is incredible, and then about halfway through the track, Wasano unleashes a furious percussion solo and things gradually build to a climax. It wouldn’t be an indigo jam unit album without a couple of storming Latin numbers, and Rebel is no exception. The first is Danza Eterna, the opening section of which is similar to the vibe of the Jessica Lauren Four album earlier this year with some piano chords over the bass and Wasano’s percussion. The energy levels increase further, however, as the drums kick in and Tarue delivers some fine Latin piano licks. The energy and power are just as unrelenting on 4 Caminos, a killer tune that suggests that all the four routes of the title lead to the dance floor.  Rebel sees indigo jam unit on fine form yet again, with some blistering new tunes that will be a treat to see on stage. Highly recommended as ever.

1. Rebel (5:49)
2. Belief (5:21)
3. Rio (6:38)
4. Graduation Day (5:26)
5. Danza Eterna (5:00)
6. Peekaboo (5:00)
7. 4 Caminos (5:18)
8. Unreachable (5:38)
9. Reflection (5:50)

Download: Indigo Jam Unit – Rebel (2012)

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