Wake & Bake! – Side To Side

album coverAlbum: Side To Side
Label: NOL
Release date: December 31, 2011
Genre: Deep Funk / Soul / Revival
Format: mp3, Quality: CBR 320 kbps

Who said Russian cuisine is all about caviar and vodka? Funk-minded gastronomists from the city of Saint-Petersburg are the real source of meaty drum breaks and juicy grooves. Their call themselves Wake&Bake! implying their funky tunes cookin’ skills. From rather non-sophisticated ingredients i.e. drums, percussions, bass, guitar and organ, they manage to create quite delicious hotplates adding exotic sitar notes. That’s what you get with five chefs in the same kitchen. The deep funk sound from the late 60s has never been their goal, much more they captured the great production style of the mid 70s, and hey, they got it!

1. Walk This Way (3:26)
2. Listen To Me (3:05)
3. Jerky Pulse (4:26)
4. Feel The Groove (3:03)
5. Behind The Dunes (2:58)
6. Under The Baking Sun (3:57)
7. Livin’ Under Pressure (3:34)
8. From Side To Side (4:55)
9. Confession (2:58)
10. Chasing The Rabbit (3:25)
11. Lost Highway (4:25)

Download: Wake & Bake! – Side To Side (2011)

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