VA – David Holmes Introducing The Free Association: Come Get It I Got It

David-Holmes-Come-Get-It-bArtists: Various/David Holmes
Album: Come Get It I Got It
Label: 13 Amp Records
Release date: April 9, 2002
Genre: Jazz, Funk, Soul, Cinematic
Format: mp3, Quality: CBR 320 kbps

The opinions of collectors and obsessive DJs notwithstanding, there’s only a certain amount of obscure music out there, and even less that’s worth its salt. That fact apparently left David Holmes – celebrity soundtracker and mixer par excellence – with few options but to record a few of his own soul tracks to sprinkle into this mix album. Come Get It I Got It, his second major mix (after the masterpiece Essential Mix 98/01), introduces the Free Association, a studio project of Holmes and Stephen Hilton capable of creating interstitial bits for more effective transitions – most of them less than a minute. As his 1998 mix proved, Holmes’ selector abilities are nearly unparalleled; Come Get It I Got It rescues 16 tracks of seriously obscure popcorn soul from the ’60s and ’70s, and only two or three of the performers will be familiar to most listeners. (A track from Muddy Waters, the crackling “Tom Cat” from his 1968 “psychedelic” crossover record Electric Mud, is much more infamous than famous.) Among the more familiar names are Cyril Neville (whose 1970 cut “Gossip” was backed by big brother Art’s new group, the Meters), first family of gospel the Staple Singers, R&B showman Johnny Otis, and jazz pianist Ray Bryant. Holmes appears to be interested as much in oddball novelties as in great tracks, and it’s hard to avoid the impression he spends his days trawling for outrageous, crazy material rather than just good music.

01 Unknown Artist – Intro 0:35
02 Sixto Rodriguez – Sugarman 2:20
03 The Free Association – Effectin 1:20
04 Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford – Nobody 2:42
05 Muddy Waters – Tom Cat 2:42
06 Johnny Otis Show, The – Country Girl 2:28
07 Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers – Strange Happenings 2:20
08 Harold Alexander – Mama Soul 2:53
09 The Free Association – Don’t Mess Hair 0:39
10 The Free Association – Start Of Something 0:18
11 Ray Bryant – Up Above The Rock 2:36
12 Cyril Neville – Gossip 1:23
13 A Fascinating Musical Experience – The Monster 3:21
14 Jujus – Sweet Songs 4:32
15 Betty Adams – Make It Real (Ride On) 2:48
16 Staple Singers, The – Why? (Am I Treated So Bad) 2:27
17 The Free Association – This Could Be Your Sister 1:24
18 The Free Association – Salut La Dolce Vita Pt 1 1:35
19 The Free Association – House Music 0:51
20 Johnny Jones And The King Casuals – Purple Haze 2:43
21 The Free Association – Salut La Dolce Vita Pt 2 0:42
22 Valentin Mehler’s – Herbstplatte ’69 1:16
23 Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – Stars And Rockets 1:16
24 Andre Perry* – Ode A L’affaire 1:40
25 The Free Association – Sounds Phoney 3:10
26 The Free Association – Don’t Believe A Word 2:05

Download: “David Holmes Introducing The Free Association – Come Get It I Got It (2002)”


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