TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio – Boto And The Second Liners

TM-Juke-and-The-Jack-BakerArtist: TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio
Album: Boto And The Second Liners
Release Date: September 9, 2008
Label: Tru Thoughts
Genre: Funk / Soul / Hip-Hop / Latin
Format: mp3, Quality: vbr

TM Juke and The Jack Baker Trio present ‘Boto And The Second Liners’ , a carnival-spirited album moving from the ‘80s New York street party feel of junkyard, go-go music and old school inspired hip hop; through the funk and soul of Memphis and the Mardi Gras of New Orleans; and south to Latin America and Brazilian samba. The record boasts some great guest performers – most notably singers Alice Russell, Kathrin deBoer of Belleruche and Andreya Triana, and genre-bending Spanish singer Gecko Turner (Lovemonk).

1. Portion Of A Recording 01:22
2. That Gut Feeling Featuring Andreya Triana 05:02
3. Echoes From The Surface 02:46
4. Spread It On Featuring Alice Russell 04:59
5. Heads High(er) 05:04
6. The Train 06:16
7. Omak Besar (Big Waves) 06:51
8. Rolling Stone To Landslide Featuring Kathrin deBoer 05:20
9. Fortune Favours The Bold 03:32
10. Party Favours Featuring Gecko Turner 04:55
11. Swamp Ska’s 03:26
12. Yeah The Crab! 03:01

Download: TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio – Boto And The Second Liners (2008)

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