The Killer Meters – Breakin’ Out!

the-killer-meters-breakin-out-2009-bArtist: The Killer Meters
Album: Breakin’ Out!
Label: Breakin Bread
Release date: October 19, 2009
Style: Deep Funk, Soul, Covers
Format: mp3, Quality: vbr

Track list:
1. Consolation Blues (4:36)
2. Freak (4:01)
3. Dance Move Shake! (2:34)
4. Say Dirty (3:15)
5. Tropical (3:31)
6. Desperate Times (3:52)
7. Come Back (3:17)
8. High Low (4:02)
9. Cramp Your Style (3:23)
10. Change Your Mind (4:03)
11. Black Mountain (3:58)
12. I Ain’t Lyin’ (2:33)
13. Stomp (Part 1) (2:10)
14. Stomp (Part 2) (2:09)
15. Rainbow Of Love (4:20)

The album takes us deeper into each of these themes. The funk grooves come to the fore on tracks like “Consolation Blues”, “Tropical”, “Come Back” and “High Low”. They pick up the pace as they squeeze in the albums only cover with “Cramp Your Style” and get fast and furious on “Desperate Times” a track perfect for a London car chase film scene.
Throughout the album, the formidable Karime Kendra’s amazing vocals take the album into classic soul territory. Her voice is reminiscent of her mother and she really knows how to take it to the limit these days. She can ride the midtempo funk groove as good as Marva Whitney, Vicki Anderson or Marlena Shaw and she shows she can really take it there as she covers one of her Mum and Dad’s “I Ain’t Lyin’ ” taking a Northern Soul Classic and sprinkling it with a bit of Killer Meters magic.
The rock influence is prevalent throughout. The guitar of Nick Hirsch, gets into its fuzz every now and again , but he also knows when to let the funk flow. The drums of Virgil Howe, snap hard throughout the album and the break fiends out there will be kept happy with a sprinkling of drum breaks. The psychedelic influence of “Yes” also filters in every now and again and at the very end of the album they take it to an extreme with “Rainbow Of Love” a track that can only be described as a Psychedelic/Disco/Boogie monster!

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