Sam Kininger (self titled)

sam-kininger-2005Artist: Sam Kininger
Album: Sam Kininger
Label: BMG
Released: 2005
Genre: Jazz-Funk, Hip-Hop
Format: mp3, Qusality: vbr v0

1. NY – No. 1 (6:22)
2. Where I’m Coming From (8:46)
3. 32-84-31 St. (6:18)
4. Pieces (5:50)
5. Late Night (9:51)
6. Most Beautiful (5:01)
7. No War for Oil (8:38)
8. Big Wopper (6:00)
9. Don’t Say Nothin’ (8:54)
10. My Dogg (1:13)
11. Evolved (6:53)

A saxophone legend, Berklee alum, and all-around funk genius, Sam Kininger is building his fan-base and repertoire simultaneously at clubs across the country. Kininger has been in legendary funk/soul groups since the beginning, including, but not limited to Lettuce, Soulive and the Brotherhood of Groove. He has also performed with larger pop acts including Dave Matthews and Wyclef Jean.

As a solo artist Sam Kininger has developed a distinctive, organic sound on the saxophone that is strongly expressive. He consistently demonstrates his technical dexterity and rhythmic precision while maintaining an honest and innovative exploration of musical improvisation. Album includes completely original instrumental funk/jazz compositions. The grooves are intense and the solos are aggressively rhythmic and deeply soulful. Loaded with guest musicians, Sam Kininger’s album features some of the most talented musicians on the scene, including Eric Krasno (guitar) and Neal Evans (organ) from Soulive, the legendary Fred Wesley (trombone) from George Clinton’s Parliament and James Brown’s JB’s, and Adam Deitch (drums), a member of guitar legend John Scofield’s band.

Download album: “Sam Kininger (2005)”


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