Rhythm Funk Masters – Afro-American-Arctic

Artist: Rhythm Funk Masters
Album: Afro-American-Arctic
Label: P-Vine Japan
Released: 2007
Genre: Format: mp3, Quality: VBR

Strangely enough, an afro-beat band from Finland!! Why not? Rhythm Funk Masters’ music isn’t actually pure afro-beat, but it also combines elements from different music styles like jazz, funk and rock to it. Each band member brings in his own character. To say it in a simple way, we play instrumental afro-beat, funk and jazz music with a strong Scandinavian flavour. Rhythm Funk Masters was formed in 2003 in Helsinki. We’ve had some gigs every now and then, but now we’re going to get more active that we got our first album out! Afro-American-Arctic is recently released in Finland and Japan.

1. Enormous Introduction (9:50)
2. Gogo (6:29)
3. Nudinuff (3:46)
4. Non Compos Mentis (7:06)
5. Radio Bembe (1:50)
6. Latin Bantu Lounge (6:00)
7. Bushman (5:31)
8. Frantic Activity (6:01)
9. Highway (5:32)
10. Arctic Rainforest (5:39)

Download: Rhythm Funk Masters – Afro-American-Arctic (2007)

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