Paolo Apollo Negri – A Bigger Tomorrow

Paolo-Apollo-Negri-A-Bigger-Tomorrow-bArtist: Paolo Apollo Negri
Title Of Album: A Bigger Tomorrow
Year Of Release: 2007
Label: Hammondbeat
Genre: Acid Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Hammond
Quality: mp3, Bitrate: vbr

Paolo “Apollo” Negri`s “A Bigger Tomorrow” is a compilation of methods, themes, and styles that approach from every direction yet collide and fuse at the core into a unified masterpiece. Tapping directly into the Hammondbeat community, Paolo invited over 20 guests to the table…all accepted… underscoring the collaborative instinct of the Hammondbeat world while adding a rich and varied texture of vocals, guitar, and percussion to an already established Hammond B3 maestro. “A Bigger Tomorrow” features a powerful international cast of the best that jazz, funk, soul, groove, lounge, and beat have to offer: featuring members from New Mastersounds, Diplomats of Solid Sound, Montefiori Cocktail, Phat Fred, Cucumber, Speaklow, Nick Rossi Set and many more. “A Bigger Tomorrow” was borne from an organ trio project that was to pay a simple homage to those that inspired Apollo to pursue a career as a musician: Charles Earland, Jack McDuff, and Horace Silver among them. The “Applecore” session was scheduled for a late-2006 debut, but Apollo does not sit quietly, and soon began reinterpreting those songs and adding new ones to the lineup.

1. Applecore (4:31)
2. Big City (4:53)
3. Can’t Get Satisfied (4:07)
4. Let The Sun Catch You Sleepin’ (5:45)
5. Mr. & Mrs. Thunderbird (3:55)
6. 3 In A Bed (3:32)
7. Closer (3:58)
8. A Slice Of Funk! (4:50)
9. Miss Cherry (4:32)
10. Point Of Intersection (4:21)
11. Under The Rain, Waiting For You (5:48)
12. Orange Peel (5:38)
13. Old Grand Dad (5:05)
14. Song For My Father (6:12)
15. Filtersweeping, Mommy Is Weeping (8:38)

Bonus CD:
1. In The Haze (4:28)
2. Talking With Myself (3:28)
3. Orange Peel (Alternate Extended Version) (6:29)
4. Hope So! (3:52)
5. Closer (Instrumental Version) (4:04)
6. 3 In A Bed (The Link Quartet Version) (3:16)
7. Filtersweeping, Mommy Is Weeping (Moogified Version) (5:10)
8. Preacher In The Well (3:57)
9. Hidden Behind A Cigarette (3:30)
10. A Slice Of Funk! (Gianluca Pighi Remix) (3:20)
11. Can’t Get Satisfied (Applecore Promo Version) (2:28)
12. Under The Rain, Waiting For You (Applecore Promo Version) (5:14)
13. Orange Peel (Applecore Promo Version) (3:43)
14. Song For My Father (Applecore Promo Version) (5:09)
15. Miss Cherry (Applecore Promo Version) (2:55)

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