Ogun Afrobeat – The Observer

Ogun-Afrobeat-The-ObserverArtist: Ogun Afrobeat
Album: The Observer
Release Date: July 11, 2012
Label: Big Music Ediciones
Genre: Ethnic Jazz, Afrobeat, Funk
Format: mp3, Quality: 320 kbps

Ogun Afrobeat is the first Afrobeat band in Spain of authentic Yoruba culture. Led by Akin Dimeji Onas from Lagos,Nigeria, one of the best African drummers in Spain, and backed by an powerful horn and rhythm section, the group has an extraordinary on stage sound which puts it at the forefront of Afrobeat bands.
Ogun Afrobeat has a lot to offer to the followers of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and fans of African and African-American music. As part of a burgeoning modern Afrobeat movement that is worldwide, Ogun stands out because of its original usage of traditional native rhythms from the Yoruba culture along with touches of other African musical art forms and its progressive mix of Funk, Disco, and Soul, the true hybrid heart of Afrobeat. A comparatively small group for an Afrobeat group, this eight piece band wields the might of an entire Afrobeat orchestra, and the intensity of its live performances is simply irresistible. ~ afrobeat-music.blogspot.com

1. Mono Economy (5:25)
2. Ewa Jo (6:23)
3. Colonial Mentality (8:47)
4. The Observer (6:34)
5. Salitre (5:02)
6. Padi Padi (6:26)
7. Eko lle (5:56)
8. Monday Morning in Lagos (5:59)
9. Fuji (5:26)
10. Fela Liks (4:42)

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