Funk’n’Stein – The Band

Funk'n'Stein The BandArtist: Funk’n’Stein
Album: Funk’n’Stein The Band
Label: Blue Sun Music
Released: 2005
Genre: Funk / Soul / R&B
Format: mp3, Quality: VBR V0

In mid 2003, Funk’n’Stein The Band took a break from performing in order to work on material for their first album and a performance focusing on their own music. Not knowing the meaning of returning small, they reappeared in the summer of 2004 on the big stage at The Coca-Cola Festival in Israel. Their show was now their own – their own music, their own style, their own look and groove – but sitting on the backs of all the greats that came before them.
Still, any band – and especially a funk band – must perfect its music by playing to an audience. So from the summer of 2004 to the spring of 2005, before going to record their album, Funk’n’Stein The Band performed. And the people came. And they danced. And when the doors were overflowing the band knew it was time. So, in the spring of 2005 Funk’n’Stein The Band went to live in northern Israel, on a small kibbutz named ‘Ma’oz Hayim’ where there was beauty, the Sea of Galilee and the ‘Anana’ recording studio. Leaving a trail of boogying behind them, the band returned to the city with the tracks for their first album, Funk’n’Stein The Band, and their new logo, the FunKey.
Expanded to include a bonus disc with their first four singles, a live track and several jams, their first album was released in early 2006 – almost eight years after two kids got together and decided that they wanted to perform funk music! And the reception continues to be astounding. A sold out album release tour, great reviews and record-breaking sales for an Israeli act performing in English!

1. Funky Mission (4:08)
2. W.G.T.A. (3:11)
3. Choose Your Way (4:22)
4. I Want Your Love (4:39)
5. On The Hook – interlude (1:08)
6. Remember Me (4:41)
7. Dog & Cat (3:53)
8. So Long (5:15)
9. Smoothin’ – interlude (0:52)
10. People Want More (3:31)
11. FunKey (5:02)
12. The Morning Hush (8:26)
13. Mash Low Me (4:45)
14. The Band – interlude (0:34)
15. W.G.T.A. (reprise) (3:57)
16. Always (5:53)

1. Intro (0:23)
2. War & Pain (3:54)
3. Come And Join Me (4:54)
4. Celebrate Your Mind (3:14)
5. The Getaway – interlude (0:25)
6. Hyper Beatle – jam (1:14)
7. Monkey Politician (2:29)
8. Good To Be Dead (6:08)
9. Mash Low Me – part 2 (7:59)
10. Coffee – interlude (0:27)
11. So Long (3:49)
12. Umbrella Cocktail – interlude (0:34)
13. Found & Lost – jam (1:24)
14. I Want Your Love (3:45)
15. Filling The Cracks – jam (1:09)
16. On The Edge – interlude (0:54)
17. Water Trip – jam (8:44)

Download: Funk’n’Stein The Band (2005)

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