Free Radicals – The Freedom Fence

Free-Radicals-Freedom-FenceArtist: Free Radicals
Album: The Freedom Fence
Label: NOL
Release date: June 16, 2012
Genre: Jazz, Funk, Ska, Ethnic, Dub
Format: mp3, Quality: CBR 320 kbps

Free Radicals’ helter-skelter hybrid is a vast extension of drummer/producer Nick Cooper’s previous work in the ska/funk/rock outfit Sprawl and the free-form jazz collective Necessary Tension. The Radicals’ amorphous ideal was realized in the late ’90s at No Tsu Oh, a 24-hour pawnshop/cafe in downtown Houston where the group would set up well after midnight and play until dawn. Everyone from underground rappers to punk rock kids to high-profile jazzers would show up at these impromptu shows to watch and to perform; the group even named a song after the place. The Free Radicals thrive on a politically charged, socially conscious multiculturalism, and appropriately, their sound encompasses a global expanse of styles — funk, jazz, ska, hip-hop, reggae, Nigerian, and Indian music. The core live ensemble features Cooper (drums), Tom Sutherland (organ), Kent Bryant (bass), and a handful of semi-regulars, including ex-Sprawl members Dave Dove and Matt Kelly, and well-traveled jazz vibraphonist Harry Sheppard. But it’s not uncommon for upwards of 30 guest musicians to sit in with the group in the studio.

1. Chosen Ones (0:40)
2. No State Solution (4:59)
3. La frontera (1:49)
4. Mosaico Zapatista (4:15)
5. Third Ward Not For Sale (1:12)
6. No Money No Nice (4:09)
7. Build Levees Not Walls (1:53)
8. El Muro (w/ Krudas) (5:21)
9. Iron Curtain (1:15)
10. Song for Riley (3:31)
11. Imperial Sugar (1:06)
12. Exit Al bear, Pursued by a Pig (3:06)
13. !Ni Una Mas! (1:13)
14. Every Wall (w/ Niyat, HISD) (4:02)
15. If There’s Still Hope (3:27)
16. Anchor BBY Hysteria (1:03)
17. Badme (4:00)
18. Ben Taub Blues (5:49)
19. FEMA (4:09)
20. Masihlale (1:05)
21. The Border Crossed Me (3:53)
22. Mosh Hashanah (4:11)
23. Our Streets (1:41)

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