Charlie Hunter Trio – Friends Seen And Unseen

Charlie-Hunter-Trio-Friends-Seen-And-UnseenArtist: Charlie Hunter Trio
Album: Friends Seen And Unseen
Label: Ropeadope Records
Released: 2004
Genre: Jazz-Funk
Format: mp3, CBR 320kbps

Friends Seen and Unseen finds the guitarist going back to his roots in a trio setting. His last trio release was the landmark Bing, Bing, Bing released in 1995 which put the guitarist on map. Hunter’s new trio features the dynamic skills of saxophonist John Ellis and drummer Derek Phillips both from Right Now Move. The trio setting is naturally more intimate and allows the musicians to interact with a tight yet free style with music that should appeal to both long time and newer fans.
The new material is a well-rounded mix of styles that prove Hunter is more than just a jam-band guitarist. Hunter’s music has always been and continues to be about the groove. The opening piece “One For The Kelpers” features a funky vibe with Hunter’s bass strings laying down the slow cooked groove while “Freedom Tickler” introduces a freer melody allowing the trio to stretch things out musically with open solos. Never one to take himself too seriously Hunter adds both depth and humor on “Lulu’s Crawl” which could be the theme song for a sleazy Vegas strip tease show, with honking saxophone, guitar effects, and vivid drumming.

1. One For The Kelpers (6:32)
2. Freedom Tickler (5:41)
3. LuLus Crawl (6:42)
4. Darkly (6:57)
5. Soweto’s Where It’s At (6:23)
6. Running In Fear From Imaginary Assailants (3:43)
7. Eleven Bars For Gandhi (6:57)
8. Bonus Round (3:57)
9. My Son The Hurricane (4:43)
10. Moore’s Alphabet (5:22)

Download: “Charlie Hunter Trio – Friends Seen And Unseen (2004)”


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