Calibro 35 – Traditori Di Tutti

Calibro-35-Traditori-Di-TuttiArtist: Calibro 35
Album: Traditori Di Tutti
Label: Record Kicks
Release date: October 20, 2013
Genre: Funk / Cinematic / Rare Groove
Format: mp3, Quality: CBR 320 kbps

There’s one thing that Italians do better than others, funky soundtracks. Quentin Tarantino knows best: soundtracks from Italian movies of the ’60s and the ’70s are the THING! ” Calibro 35 does with music what Tarantino does with films”. They borrow what they love and they make it their own. With Rolling Stone magazine words “Calibro 35 are the most fascinating, “retro-maniac” and genuine thing, that happened to Italy in the last years”, think at The Budos Band that meets Morricone.

Calibro 35 land on RK with their new album “Traditori di tutti”, the forth LP by Milan’s combo, inspired by noir masterpiece novel “Betrayers”published by the father of Italian noir, award-winning and Tarantino’s crime fiction favorite author Giorgio Scerbanenco. The album contains only band’s original recordings, from floor-shaking first single “Giulia mon amour” to groovy “The Butcher’s bride”, from deep funky “Filthy bastards” to the dancefloor jazz madness of “Mescalina 6”, the five-piece pays homage to “I Maestri” such us Morricone, Micalizzi and Bacalov with 12 tracks full of funky beats, heavy guitars, groovy bass lines and fuzzy organs.

1. Prologue 03:25
2. Giulia Mon Amour 03:37
3. Stainless Steel 03:42
4. Mescaline 04:08
5. One Hundred Guests 02:38
6. The Butcher’s Bride 02:55
7. Vendetta 03:24
8. You Filthy Bastards! 02:59
9. Traitors 03:52 download
10. Two Pills In The Pocket 02:49
11. Miss Livia Ussaro 02:54
12. Annoying Repetitions 04:47
13. Milan Michigan | November 05:01

Download: Calibro 35 – Traditori Di Tutti (2013)

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