Bonerama – Bringing It Home

Bonerama-Bringing-It-HomeArtist: Bonerama
Album: Bringing It Home
Label: Highsteppin’ Productions
Released: 2007
Genre: Raw Funk / Jazz / New Orleans
Format: mp3, Quality: vbr v0

Even in a city that doesn’t play by the rules, New Orleans’ Bonerama is something different. They’re not a traditional brass band, but they’ve got brass to spare—even with no trumpets or saxes in sight. Bonerama features a dizzying display of trombone talent; four trombones, to be exact. Band leaders Mark Mullins and Craig Klein (of Harry Connick’s band) shelf any jazz subtlety for Bonerama, opting instead for heavy funk, rock ‘n’ roll, and pure horn muscle. Mullins and Klein are joined by fellow boners Steve Suter and Rick Trolsen, imaginative and dynamic sousaphone player Matt Perrine and edgy experimental guitarist Bert Cotton. The band also features a rotating cast of New Orleans’ finest drummers, including Russell Batiste, Stanton Moore, Eric Bolivar, and Terence Higgins.

01. Intro (0:17)
02. Bayou Betty (4:13)
03. By Athenish (4:50)
04. Ocean (4:44)
05. And I Know (4:16)
06. Mr. Go (6:36)
07. Sprung Monkey (5:01)
08. Gekko Love (7:53)
09. Yer Blues (4:49)
10. Epistrophy (6:54)
11. Equale (5:41)
12. Helter Skelter (5:46)
13. Louie’s Perch (6:13)
14. Cabbage Alley (6:41)

Download: Bonerama – Bringing It Home (2007)


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