Big Boss Man – Full English Beat Breakfast

Big-Boss-Man-Full-English-Beat-BreakfastArtist: Big Boss Man
Album: Full English Beat Breakfast
Release Date: September 7, 2009
Label: Blow Up Records
Genre: Funky Breaks / Big Beat
Format: mp3, Quality: VBR V0

It’s time to switch on the lava lamp and crack open the Babycham, because Big Boss Man are back and groovier than ever.
The ever-present Hammond Organ ensures that ‘Full English Beat Breakfast’ is a seriously greasy affair and the perfect start to any weekend. The boys keep the pace fast and tight, with a bit of psychedelic rock, samba and Northern Soul thrown in for good measure. It certainly puts the ‘swing’ back into the swinging 60s, with plenty of Georgie Fame-esque grooves.
If Charlie Croker from the ‘Italian Job’ was still alive – gawd bless his soul – he would be dancing to this, and recommendations don’t come any better than that!

1. Triumph of the Olympian (2:57)
2. Beat Breakfast (2:51)
3. Black Eye (I Believed in Love) (2:56)
4. Full Brazilian (2:46)
5. C’est Moi (1:54)
6. Clown Face (2:03)
7. VIP 233 (1:37)
8. Hairy Mary (2:55)
9. Pies and Pastiche (3:16)
10. Vampyros Twist (2:55)
11. Trilby of Fun (1:42)
12. Slap Head’s Demise (2:15)
13. The Bloater (3:22)
14. Luna 2 (3:49)

Download: Big Boss Man – Full English Beat Breakfast (2009)

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